collage of memorable animations, 2d, 3d and stop motion

Welcome to!

I had a dream. A dream that one day I would be able to draw, one day that I would be able to animate and that one day I would be a multi-millionaire sitting on my own moonbase surrounded by lady robots.

The Dream

Well I plan on trying to crack most of those and more here, in public for all to see or not..(echo echo echo...).

In no particular order what can you expect?

  • My calamitous journey as I stumble through inception, planning, animating and hopefully completing an animation or two.
  • Ideally I'll try to use 100% opensource or free software. I'll take you through the evaluation and maybe save you some time.


Well this is where it gets tricky. I've got a life, family and full time job. On top of that I travel a lot. Like every week a lot.

So its doomed then? Asking for a friend. Not me of course, someone else.

No. Honest.

You can do a lot of thinking and research while travelling. Then the trick is to hit the ground running when you get back to the machine.

We will see... Stay tuned