Old computer and crazy matrix style software

Current Tools

Whats the plan? What do I need? 

This is my current list of hardware and software.  I'll continue to update it with new software as I find it so check back.


To do any kind of 2D or 3D animation you are going to need a computer. Now you can also find some interesting apps for tablets but I'm going to focus on desktop based.

2D requirements are much less than 3D but that said almost any machine can run both without to much drama but may increase render times and frustration levels.

ComputeriMac 27" - 2010Yup pretty old like me but man i love that screen.
 MacBook Air - 2018This is a great piece of kit. Light and can take anywhere. Just lacks a pen input. (could use my old wacom bamboo fun)
Pen DisplayHuion Kamvas Pro 2020" of awesomeness. This is brandnew (as of 2019). Its colour representation is not super amazing (better after calibrating) but drawing is great. A pen tabet would be a minimum (they are real cheap)
TabletiPad Mini 1st gen - lolMan its slow. Its painful but good for netflix on the go and of course basic tasks like sketches.
PhoneiPhoneBecause its 2019.

I'm mac based but don't worry. I'll try and pick software that works on pc/mac and linux.. because no reason.

Writing ideas, planning sketches and stuff can be on the go I've included my sad iPad mini and phone. They can be frustrating but since I'm travelling quite a bit I need something for the 50% of the week I'm not at my desk :/


Right this is the juicy stuff. 

Artwork and Basic AnimationKrita

Great brushes and painting experience. Animation is really simple to use and if you want to practice something may as well be this. Supports Bitmap/raster animation only. The normal painting tools support vector etc.



This is the software from an italian company that was used by Studio Ghibli. They open sourced it which means 1000s of developer monkeys are looking at the code and cleaning it up and adding new functionallity.

Its a full animation tool which has a steep curve. That said the online manual is great.


Website / BlogPublii

So because I'm a cheapskate but want a blog. One of the cheapest ways is to use a 'static' site. That means no moving parts so the servers can be really cheap.. like really cheap.

Because its a bit traumatic for people many would just use Wordpress and you should consider that. If you want to be a control freak but have a pretty tool to create a blog on your PC then take a look.