Bouncing Balls 1 and 2

Bouncing ball is the "hello world" of the animation space. Lets give it a go in Krita

Bouncing Ball #1 - Squishy.

So apparently the first thing you should try animating is a bouncing ball. Well I can see why.

It forces you to think about;

  1. Timing
  2. Spacing
  3. Mass
  4. Material
  5. ..probably loads of other things.

So I gave it a go.

The result is bouncing ball #1 below.  

Bouncing ball number one - Squishy


I started with simply drawing a guide on a layer to show the arcs that I wanted the ball to travel.

Then I tried to put some lines on those arcs to identify the easing.


You can see the attempt to put them closer together as the ball slows.

Its only a guide but it really did help when it came to putting the ball in the general right location.

Ball with Onion Skin 

This was the basis for my frames which I attempted to put on 2's initially. (a picture on every 2 frames)

I tried to apply the principles of squash and stretch to give it more life.


Bouncing Ball #2 - Hard.

So while I done the first ball it made me think about what if the ball was heavy? What if it was 'hard'?

I had a burning desire to do another one.

Result Bouncing ball #2 ala hard.

Bouncing ball number 2 with Hard materal and heavy.

Well this time I was able to avoid squash and stretch but had to deal with bringing the ball to a stop.

More of the same with a guide as to where I want to bounce on the line.


What I thought was going to be a simple exercise just highlighted how little I knew. Animation is hard. Delete, repeat Animation is hard.

That said I was quite happy with the results. The squishy has some issues with the tidyness of the line work and after the first bounce it appears to jump of its own energy much like a fluffy bunny wabbit.

The second is probably cleaner as I ended up cloning the layer and then moving it. Much quicker.

That said the stop causes me distress looking back at it now.