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About Me

He is the shadows. He is the night. He is always ready to pounce and the very stuff of nightmares.

-- Said no one about me ever.

Family, Computers, music and art... oh and gym

Yep I'm just another sad middle aged man that has a day job as a software engineer. I actually love my job but everyone should have a creative outlet no?

So I've played Geeeetaw for going on 30 years (wtf?) and a bit of electronic music using the power of midi. 

Always enjoy a bit of painting, photography and stuff on and off and most recently on a comp-u-tar.

Why animation?

Always loved watching animation from the good old days of Bugs Bunny through G-Force?, Ren and Stimpy, Wallace and Gromit and of course anything Pixar or Disney(but really I preferred WB :P )

Oh and I love to learn. So here we are.  I'm going to document my stupidity and what I can glean from creating animation.

Pop back later, I've got cookies? (get it)


You can find me elsewhere of course.

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This article was updated on April 15, 2019


I'm a long time techie with a love of all things animation. I want to be an animator... just for fun. Check out the "About Me" if you really should care